​​​​​​Why Post-Process Data?

Eccentricity – Significantly Impacts on penetration % calculations. Gives a false 3D representation where the pipe appears deformed, hence needs to be corrected. 

The effects of conveyance quality issues such as cable stretch/slack due to stick/slip need to be identified and managed.

The effects of false responses due to tool glitches, damaged arms/fingers or similar issues need to be identified and isolated or “averaged out” from the analysis.

Effects of Debris / pipe lined with thick viscous fluids need to be better managed using statistical methods in the processing software.

​Additional useful information can be obtained from Multi-finger caliper data and / or directional data that can help in pre-planning of critical operations and well completion, with potentially huge savings through eliminating downtime and prolonging well completion life

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Well Integrity Software for Multi-Finger Caliper Data Processing

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Redefining Well Integrity Software Solutions

Why are Well Integrity Logs Important?

 Cased Hole Well integrity logs satisfy mandatory regulatory board requirements which necessitate baseline casing/tubing inspection logs at initial completion and subsequent logs at specific time intervals (time lapse) in the future to determine the state of downhole tubulars and aid in forecasting and planning.

 They drive remedial / scheduled maintenance or replacement of downhole tubulars.

 Logs diagnose well access or integrity problems due to pipe deformation caused by seismic events, thermal stresses (typical in SAGD or CSS) or otherwise.

 Ultimately, they provide information which drive actions to help prevent disasters arising from  non-contained / uncontrolled flow of high pressure hydrocarbon fluids to surface, originating from well integrity deficiencies.



Engineered Systems Development Inc. offers specialized engineering Software and hardware development, consultancy and training. We are proud to present our pioneer software product, the EUREKA Multi-Finger Caliper Data Processing Software (which now includes a new Pipe Tortuosity, Deformation, Drift and Contact Analysis (PTDCA) Package) and look forward to coming up with more technology solutions for individuals and organizations from all walks of life. Please take a moment to review our product lineup. If you find you need further explanation, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

What Can We Offer You?

Full caliper log data processing and analysis / interpretation software which includes joint-by-joint statistical analysis tables, charts and all key evaluation parameters such as wall loss, penetration and minimum restriction calculations.

​Drift and Contact Analysis (A first)

​Stand-Alone Simulation and Visualization Software package (SIM-VIEWER) for 3D Wall loss viewing  and  interactive Drift/Tortousity Simulation and Visualization  

​Specialized Engineering Software and Hardware Development.



Expert advice on pre-job planning, followed through during and after action as necessary.

General Technical support and guidance as required to ensure best practices are followed and optimum data quality achieved.