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How Does It Work?

The processing engine includes all relevant correction algorithms necessary for accurate and reliable reporting of statistical results / indices; from simple editing of individual caliper curves (by averaging other fingers) to standard eccentricity correction, smart eccentricity correction and statistical corrections in three different modes (modal, median and Nominal IDs).

Eureka’s standard eccentricity correction algorithm does not use an iterative optimization approach. It uses a differential calculus-based approach to achieve optimum eccentricity correction (not some approximation) hence it is not affected by the inherent limitations of an iterative optimization process which include limited number of iterations, and not-so-often close proximity of the iteration start point to the target point.

Since any standard eccentricity correction algorithm is affected significantly by “outliers” ( readings that deviate from the general trend such as at scale deposits, perforations, collapsed sections or even less intense anomalies as simple pits, and scales, dents), Eureka features the smart eccentricity correction (Auto-Smart) algorithm to take care of such situations by first exempting Auto-detected or user-defined “outliers” from the optimization process before including them later on. The resulting pipe-centre is outlier proof. See 

What Does This Mean?

Ultimately, the software provides the statistical results table and plots in a joint-by-joint format convenient and acceptable to virtually every regulatory body. 3D plots of the pre- and post-processed data are also displayed side-by-side for comparisons and better appreciation of the corrections applied by the processing algorithm.

​The Software also features a new Drift and Contact Analysis package that uses data from the caliper tool to derive the relative wellbore trajectory and then the effective drift OD through any cross-section of the wellbore for any given drift length. An inverse simulator is also available to determine the maximum drift length for a given drift OD.  One other very useful and unique feature available with the package is the contact analysis feature which determines the  depths at which sucker rods will make contact with the surrounding tubing and informs proactive decision on where to pre-install rod guides.

Redefining Well Integrity Software Solutions

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What Is It?

As the name implies, “Eureka” provides a quick means of statistical analysis and visualization of down hole tubular multi-finger caliper data and in a manner that enables you easily “find” the details you are looking for. – Perfect for providing quick answers right on site where a rig is waiting to trip out tubulars and quickly decide on which of them are due for replacement based on some pre-determined cut-off value of an index parameter (Maximum Wall Loss%, Maximum Penetration %, Minimum Remaining Wall % etc).

It features a convenient “tab-style” presentation approach where no windows are opened and/or closed, but rather provides all relevant information in different tabs that are simultaneously available and readily accessed by clicking on the desired tab.

Our Signature Auto-Collar Detection feature greatly improves processing turn-around time

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Our pioneer product is the EUREKA Multi-Finger Caliper Data Processing software which now includes a new Pipe Tortuosity, Deformation, Drift and Contact Analysis (PTDCA) Package. Mail your correspondence to our physical address (see "Contact us" page) to indicate interest and we will be in touch. We would also be glad to look into your other peculiar challenges and provide customized solutions to suit your needs – We just need to understand the challenge so we can tie it to an engineered solution! Our Auto-Smart (Outlier proof) eccentricity correction algorithm is an industry first and demonstrates our commitment to accuracy.